Saturday, July 11, 2009

Luca em alta na Cordoama! Bora monkey!!!

Do Press release da ASP:

Portugal resident and Danish surfer Luka Guichard came close to Fontaine's solid performance with a 14.73 point total. Guichard, whose twin brother Joachim currently leads the ASP European Junior ratings, used his explosive vertical attack to oust his heat opponents and advance confidently through to the Quarterfinals.

“I am pretty stoked to be in the Quarters as this is one my home beaches,” Guichard said. “It wasn't an easy heat and I stressed out a little as the time was running but that one good wave came at the end and I was able to grab that qualification spot.”

Guichard, who is in his last year as a Pro Junior surfer, is looking to build his seeding points and a big result here would give him both a first win in an ASP sanctioned event as well as a great boost for the ASP European WQS Tour.

“There are a lot of good surfers in the event and I know it is going to be hard,” Guichard said. “I am going to give my best shot tomorrow and I hope it works out well. I'll see how it goes.”


etienne neto said...

Bora lá putos, mostrem lá comé que a malta da Ilha do Paraíso faz...
Aquele abraço e parabéns.
Botas quando vieres é mais uma razão para uma rodada pla malta.
Dass, vai ser do belo, vamos sair todos fodidos eh eh eh eh eh eh eh
Até já AMIGO

Botas said...

Obrigadao Amigo! Ta' quase... Preparem-se!